About Us

Greetings beloved, my name is Michelle and here's a little more about myself. I'm a navy veteran, born in Florida and lived most of my life in Georgia. I've always had a passion to teach, dance, and help others as a child. Once I became of age and had my own children, I homeschooled all three of them. After various multi-level marketing opportunities that were child friendly, I then ventured out to become a massage therapist which led to me having my own business. Upon finishing school in '09 I felt there was something more. As the truth seeker I am, I begun to learn more and more pertaining to spirituality and energy healing. Here I am 11 years later as I've transformed over time doing what I could never imagine. Yet I'm thankful to share my continual healing journey with others. 

I graduated Georgia Career Institute.  I am licensed by the state of Georgia (MT006378), Nationally Certified by NCBTMB, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). 

Other certifications are:

  • Bellanina Facelift Massage Therapist (Bellanina Institute),
  • Crystal Healer (Love and Light Healing School),
  • Naturopathic Reiki Master (A Life of Peace Institute),
  • Qi Gong Instructor (Qi Gong Awareness),
  • Shamanic Art Coach (Transformation Academy),
  • Vibrational Sound Therapist (Vibrational Sound Association), 
  • Naturopathic Clinician - (A Life of Peace Institute)  Consist of Naturopathic Iridology, Detox Therapy, Naturopathic Touch Reflexology, Vegan Food Preparation, and Herbal Methods of Application   
  •  Bachelor of Divinity (University of Metaphysical Sciences)


Hi! It's Michaiah and here's a summary about me. I've always known that my purpose is to help others. I just wasn't always sure in what capacity I was to do so. Due to my desire to own my own business, it made perfect sense to continue to work with my mom, but to be more than an assistant. I started with my herbalist course, and although my interest has changed overtime, they all still correlate to each other. My interest varies from crystals, yoga, astrology, oracle and tarot readings, open forums (which is a group setting where open-minded individuals openly communicate on different topics), baking, cooking, psychology, poetry, art, nature, meditation and spirituality.

My Certifications: 

  • Crystal Reiki Healer (Love & Light Healing School),
  • Naturopathic Reiki Level 2 ( A Life of Peace Institute),
  • Mindfulness Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Herbalist (in the making)
  • Yoga Instructor (in the making)